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QPL: In the Heart of Quitman

 Library funThe Quitman Public Library is a happening place!   

     Amid all the economic gloom, a bright note is that people are visiting libraries now more than ever.  If you have not noticed this recent phenomenon, just check out any of the public libraries and see for yourself. The local public library is definitely a happening place.  

     The Quitman Public Library has been serving a record number of patrons. 

     Many come for the traditional reasons to read the papers, look at magazines, perform genealogical research, check out books, or enjoy a comfortable, quiet place to study or read.  Others come to the library to use our public access computers or to access the Internet on their laptops using our wireless connection.  The library’s computers are almost continually in use and the staff stays busy helping people with research, database searches, job searches, online accounts and other informational needs.

     I am surprised at how many people rely on the library’s public access computers and Internet.  Sometimes we have to put patrons on a waiting list.  It is routine for many use the library’s computers to pay their bills online, correspond, check stock quotes, make online purchases, and a few people operate their small personal businesses using the library’s computers.

     There is also a big increase in checking out movies and audio books. Between unemployment and digital television, people are trying to find other outlets, and many are discovering what their public library has to offer.  If you’re bored, come to the Quitman Public Library!

     There has been a noticeable boost in reading over the past year.  Reports show that circulation statistics have doubled, and nearly tripled on certain days.  People are checking out their maximum of ten items at a time, then returning a week or two later for more.    

     People may not be aware of the variety of resources they can find at the Quitman Public Library. In addition to popular printed fiction and non-fiction books and periodicals, the library offers an array of additional media including local and regional newspapers, audio books, movies on video tape and DVD, genealogy resources, directories, children’s books and media, and nearly 27,000 books in electronic format.

     One can find a wealth of research materials and public information at the Quitman Public Library along with a friendly staff to help you find the information you need.  Stop in and check things out. The Quitman Public Library is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Stop by and check us out -- besides, you never know who may be here!

Delene H. Allen, Library Director

 Delene, Sissy, MaryAnn

(L to R): Delene H. Allen, Sissy Spacek, and MaryAnn Vollers